The change is coming.. :)

The change is coming..

Today I will be talking about the change that we anticipate is going to come.. the change that we would like to see and it has already started happening

The change I would like to discuss is the level Australian home design, architecture, building material, interior and exterior design, is currently at. Many houses and buildings in Australia, if you look around, are pretty plain when compared to buildings in Europe and some parts of Asia like Singapore and Korea. It is understood that many Australians prefer houses and buildings to be that way; simple and efficient. However, many Australian home owners nowadays are starting to look for more sophisticated design for their homes. Therefore, the change I am talking about is slightly happening 

House Architecture.jpg

I believe that the Australian home building industry is improving and companies have started to offer more varieties. It is a shy start but, hey, everything starts small. We are catching up slowly and the home scene in Australia will be influenced a lot by high quality design and, frankly, I am so thrilled about it. My anticipation for the first wave of top designed homes will be seen in the next 20 to 30 years

The change will be happening and there are many reasons for it. Australia is just one part of the world and we exchange with the world many of our basic needs. Globalisation in an advanced term! J Another reason for this change is the influence of different platforms we see photos of houses on. For instance, the Australian home owner looks at photos and pins of beautiful houses from all over the world on Instagram and Pinterest, and then they start thinking: Ah that’s very beautiful! Maybe we can have this and that for our house that we are building J Then they talk to their husby or wifey and they start discussing the possibility of getting the product they saw on social media or the Internet. They, then, start looking for material/products they would like to have for their new house..

The one pitfall in all of this is; when the Australian home owners can not find what they want for and they are told: sorry, it is not available. Believe it or not, this happens very occasionally. They keep searching for it in the local market but they cannot find it. Then, most of them just decide to go with similar alternatives in the market and accept the fact that: Ah well we tried to get it but it is nowhere to be bought in Australia. And that is where LOHAS Australia comes in! J Our core value is: to offer what does not exist in the market. Our promise is to fill that gap between “I want to have it for my house and sorry it is not available!”, and introduce building materials of premium design and high quality that are rarely to be found elsewhere in the local market :)

So what do you guys reckon?

Do you think in the future we will see houses and buildings like these ones in Australia?  :D