Our Workshop Experience

Our sustainable recycled timber provides a poetically striking glimpse into the magnificence of natural design and arrangement...

On a recent trip to our timber factory, we polished off our knowledge and understanding of timber, and re-applied a fresh coat of insight into the natural beauty that Australia's unique timber provides; that of which is unlike those found anywhere else around the world.

So, after putting down our pens, turning off our electronics and locking the door behind us, we put on our sunnies and donned our hats, eager to learn how our timber is manufactured in hopes of reinvigorating our minds. Our objective was clear, to ensure our customers are provided with recycled timber that is both sustainable, of premium quality and treated with only natural products that reflect its innate textual qualities.

Upon arrival, we were immediately confronted by bizarre timber burls, knots and off-cuts as well as enormous slabs of hardwood timber, the latter of which,  as told later by our employees, will be turned into polished solid tops used in table-top furniture.

On the exterior the bizarre pieces of timber resembled a rough, gnarly and unappealing complexion, but once sliced open, we were immediately in awe of its the inherent beauty, concentric rings and tessellating textures. One of which in particular caught our eye:

This piece was a section of ebony timber, a rare burl from a hardwood tree that would have otherwise been regarded as off-cut material. Its dark crimson complexion characterized by deep hues of mahogany were offset by anatomical ribbons of water-like configurations. It seemed as if ink was slowly drafting from its center. This other piece resembled a section of a 'brain', which we were later told was a piece of 'cancer' that was removed from a Blackbutt tree:

We started to imagine the amazing products we could make with this, images of bowls, furniture and even sculptures immediately began to fill our minds.

Intrigued to find out more, we were eager to see how these large timber slabs would be transformed into something else entirely. Our employees showed us the natural looking table-tops that could be made from these slabs. By leaving the edges untouched, the slab retains that 'natural' look and the grains of the timber is allowed to be exposed. Once again we were reminded that these pieces were 'recycled' from dry-aged trees, meaning that they have less tendencies to crack but retains the quality of the grain. From a demonstration we were able to see how natural oil can be used to bring the wood to life, almost as if it was being 'released':

This Blackbutt slab (3200x1200x50) will be used as a polished table-top, giving the room it is placed in an immediate 'natural' feel.

Check out the amazing patterns you can get from raw-cut timber:

And with a bit of oil and polish, it transforms into:

So come down to LOHAS Australia, located in Greenacre today and check our amazing timber products for yourself!