LOHAS Slate Experience

This week we will talk about one of our projects that we recently finished. It is to be considered meaningful and worthwhile project and LOHAS decided to share them on words in blog post J Eventually, the outcomes of this project were just outstanding and we now have one more happy customer and of course, it was such a worthwhile project we had it in LOHAS business.



Every project starts with preparation and we started this stage once we have been contacted by our customer. This project required changing an entire roof of 1100 square meters (removing old ‘TIMBER’ tiles, removing used ‘HARDWOOD’ timber, empty them and installing new ‘Terracotta clay’ tiles). The job site got very limited space and that was one big challenge besides we had to keep the premises clean and tidy as we always do as a guarantee for our customers.

The Owner requested;

-       Keeping existing structure of roof.

-       Keeping the colour of the roof.

-       Of course, No changes in Pitch or its eave style.

-       But only Clay tiles.

-       Keep the job site tidy and clean.

[Previous roof and the house]

[Previous roof and the house]

 Product Selection

Thus, customers request was very clear and we could bring our “LOHAS SLATE “ tile to them.

LOHAS SLATE (grey colour he chosen) has

-       “Stone slate”  texture on each clay tile, 

-       Grey gradation on tile makes TWO different colour when its wet and dry.

[LOHAS Slate Rooftile]

[LOHAS Slate Rooftile]


[Wet and Dry Roof]

[Wet and Dry Roof]


All projects encounter challenges before and within. One of the biggest challenges that we never forget was “REMOVING” the old HARDWOOD Timber tiles and timbers from the job site. Meanwhile, wall LOHAS workers got into removing timber tile,  LOHAS Project manager realised that the timber time was actually “Gum” (Eucalyptus type of Class 1 hardwood tree). Of course, we could not just waste this beautiful Blue gum timber tile. It is another unique items to be used for variety of interior materials (Will post on blog later ‘how we can actually use them’  =).) So, people who knows about weight of hardwood and if they are nailed them. You all can imagine, how it was hard for all of us.  Furthermore, amount of overlapping timber tiles to layered them in pallet instead of throwing them in waste bin was definitely a challenge.


[Pallet of  collected   Timber tile  ]

[Pallet of  collected Timber tile]