Material Thriftiness: Reinvent Your Perspective

Innovation can come from anywhere. Even the 'waste' destined for your local tip.

Let's face it, we waste a lot of things days. We throw things out not because we cant use it anymore but because of our desire for things 'newer'. Put simply, it's easier than recycling or re-purposing for other uses.

When it comes to the architecture/design/construction industry, its still the same. Throw it out, and buy a brand-new one, without considering sustainability or its cost. What if there were ways to create highly-atmospheric spaces using materials that would otherwise be discarded? 

Here are a few innovative ways to create 'atmosphere' that speaks design artisan-ship using wastage materials:


Above: Soft-touch flooring with unique patterns?

These patterns look familiar right? They are in fact tyre treads, which have been cut and flattened to create patterned panels, which, on the surface, resembles your traditional timber flooring but has now become a comfortable tactile experience.


Above: Your everyday landscaping, with a difference

What does this resemble with the naked eye? If you take a closer look...they are in fact broken clay roof tiles. With no effort required, this is what it means to use waste materials with innovation. This bedding also doubles as a natural water retention system.


Choosing what to put on your wall

Arguably, it would have been easier to simply purchase new hardwood cladding for this shop wall. But being innovators, these owners have chosen and cut panels from different timber off-cuts to wall with a story. Each piece can be defined by what it came from..


Creating new shapes and designs

Even the manner in which your timber is cut can affect how your design will look. Its all a matter of geometry. Once assembled you can achieve this unique hexagonal/isometric design which immediately brings a sense of class and elegance to the space.


So next time you decide on what to use for your next design project, give us a call at LOHAS AUSTRALIA, we can provide you with all these materials and more!