Why choose LOHAS Terra-cotta Tile? (Part I Aesthetic)

Hello again, readers :) It’s been a while since we last catched up. I know!  We have been really hectic since there’s lots of re-roofing and repair jobs for us to do this winter. You cannot imagine how bad some of the roofs are! The roof is flooded with water leaks, the roof structure becomes wavy and tile colour is faded. It frustrates me sometimes because all those problems can be simply avoided with smart installation and engineered terracotta roof tile.

So I'll tell you about why LOHAS Terracotta tiles are so good.


Nowadays, terracotta can be manufactured in pretty much all colours, ranging from traditional terracotta red to sleek black. Whichever you chose, with LOHAS terracotta roof tiles you are guaranteed to keep that look for many years to come because our product has high fade-resistance thanks to the baking process. It is not like you baked the tile and then paint it with pigment afterwards...LOHAS terracotta roof tiles are in fact baked with pigment together.

Still some people like the traditional look of Terracotta but others reckon it is a bit old-fashioned...They would rather go for metal panels, which is a popular choice in the market of contemporary architecture. However, it is important to remember that metals are more likely to corrode overtime, especially in coastal regions and also require more maintenance! 


Surprisingly Terracotta could also be a modern and engineered material. Our next post will introduce you to the functionality of LOHAS Terracotta tile. See you next time!