Clay is much more than a building material! :)

In a previous blog “Because clay is as beautiful to look as they are to live with”, we talked about clay as a building material and how it is used in making bricks and tiles. We also talked about its advantages and how it helps in saving energy making it environmentally friendly.. :) "You can check it here: "

Today we’re going to talk about some of the different usages in which clay is part of making a lot of beautiful things around us..

ceramic art- how fun would it be to have a class design one tile per student to form one large installment?

Dori DeCamillis


Clay is used in making many works of art. It is considered one of the most flexible materials to work with and for that reason a lot of artist love to work with clay to make artworks. They can make different formations of the clay and can be detailed and we all know how artists like to be very detailed with their work :)

mitchell grafton, sculpture | mitchell-grafton-18

Clay is a simple and flexible material to change the form of even by the use of  hand for example :)  

Mitchell Grafton

By Mitchel Grafton

And another great feature of clay is that you can control the components and the firmness of an artwork while making it. It can be dried and it can be baked in different temperature degrees. So, from the beginning and scratch, clay is a material you can use, adjust, control and perfect the shape and that is why artists love working with clay :)

Dishware/ Tableware

Many of us only think of clay as a material used in making products only related to construction products and creating art and sculptures. However, I have just come to discover more useage of clay in making products we use in our daily life. One interesting example is tablewares, which include cutlery and plates. In fact, it is argued that the first plates made in human history were made of clay dated back to 14,000 B.C.

The process of making clay plates have improved throughout the years and the plates nowadays are commonly made with ceramic, and ceramic originates from clay in the first place, giving us different shapes and different looks. But believe it or not, many people still use traditional clay plates and they believe their food tastes more delicious on those plates. If you go to a restaurant in countries like Mongolia and Turkey, many food types will be served to you in their traditional plates/potters straight from the oven :)

maria kristofersson
By Maria Kristofersson
Broste Copenhagen
Joanna Henderson
Charlotte Love Photo by: Joanna Henderson

Basically, clay was the start of making many beautiful things in our daily life, and that start was from mother Earth which has given us everything! :)

We probably take many things for granted but again if you read our blog from last week, you would understand why the origin of things is key to realising how the big picture came to existing :)