Readers! It’s been a while now since I (in this case, my company) started this blog. I haven’t talked much about the name LOHAS itself, did I? Have you ever wondered what’s this roofing-business-thingy got to do with sustainability stuff we’ve been posting a lot lately? I’ll tell you the answer today. It all goes back when the founder of this company figured the very deep meaning of LOHAS. LOHAS itself is an acronym of “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”. It focuses on topics around personal well-being, health and fitness, the environment, sustainable products, naturally organic lifestyles, and so on.

Short story, he adopted this beautiful word of LOHAS to be his company philosophy. The idea was to do something better i.e. to dedicate more to the community than just doing business for money. I admit for someone who started the company in 1946, that was very brilliant.

And that’s like the main reason why we are having this blog section here;

to give something back to the community.


**LOHAS campaign all over the world. Can you pick up the similarities from all these?**

Basically, LOHAS aims to achieve the highest standard of personal well-being in individual’s life. Here in Australia, LOHAS market is growing yet not so many people are actually aware with the term. Meaning, people are starting to concern more about the environment and natural lifestyles without realizing that they’ve tapped in the world of LOHAS.

Our source categorised them into 2 main categories:

  • LOHAS leaders – they are highly committed people and active participants in creating sustainable and healthier lives. They present to empower, educate and inspire as many people as possible to live more sustainability.
  • LOHAS learners – which is the largest segment, are the people who’d like to do things right but sometimes are afraid to start or not sure where to start

Then there are LOHAS customers and followers. They are the people who “just started” and are actively seeking more information about LOHAS.

The world of LOHAS is very broad. From personal health to eco tourism, from natural lifestyles to green building, then to alternative energy, etc. Yes, it might appear that they have very little in common. But one thing that we can pull out here is, they aim to enhance the process of personal development i.e. where it is possible to have interconnection between body, mind and spirit within an individual.

Of course, by doing all these people expect to have a healthy, happy life.


As summarized by lohas-asia.org, LOHAS world pretty much encompasses:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Mind and Body
  • Transport and Leisure
  • Home Life
  • Building and Energy
  • Work and Money

So when we talk about LOHAS, it is very widely applicable in just any part of our lives. Amazing isn’t it?

All in all, LOHAS people have a very simple mission. We all want to achieve our full potential as a human, by interconnecting our mind, body and spirit to improve our well-being.

One word to describe us is that we do care.  Care about our lives, our family, our kids, our neighbours, and our environments. We care enough to think about how we live, what we eat, what we buy, what cleaning products that we use to ensure that the things that we do daily are not harmful for the people and for the planet. We try to live more consciously and try to appreciate things that have positive impacts.

To conclude, there’s a quote I really, really like:

“Being a LOHASIAN is about making choices that show that we care and are conscious about our decisions and our impact. We make hundreds, if not thousands of choices every day and each one effects how you and so many others live their lives. These choices are incredibly powerful, they’re yours and only you can make them. Make them count.”


So.. reading at this stuff, are you ready to join the world of LOHAS?

“LOHAS Australia is committed to promoting sustainable home and living for Australian households”