"Australia, Summer Is Near!"

It’s almost summer here downunder! Do you feel the heat already? It’s ridiculously hot this week and summer is not even official yet. After the angry summer last year and the warmest winter this year, I guess we’re gonna break a record again. Don’t you think? But anyway, since it’s been a very hot spring season so far, I think it’s a good time to talk about how to make your house cooler.


Do you know who’s to blame when your house is hot and uncomfortable? Beside the wall and ventilation system I’ve been telling you a lot lately, roof is the next culprit.

Roof, as the top part of our house, is facing up the sun every single day. Thus, roof is indeed that one thing that should defense us against the sun’s heat. In this case, our roof should be reflecting or releasing the heat instead of absorbing and storing it. Roofing material, shape, and colour, they are all affecting how buildings as a whole handle the heat.

Of course, good building will have a good roof. But what makes a good roof? Well, it will be depending on which area you live in but in general, I’ll briefly explain how roof material and colour can make your house cooler or hotter.


1)       Slate roof

Very popular choice of roof and has been used for centuries.  It will give you a classic look yet will still match contemporary design. It can reflect the sun rays however the black colour will likely to absorb it instead. It's very expensive compared to other material too.


2)       Cement tiles

Not a bad option for durability since people use this as a substitute for clay tiles. Maintenance (cleaning or repainting) is totally necessary. Lighter choice of colour is recommended for warmer climate, otherwise it'll make the house really hot since concrete is not breathable material.


3)       Clay/ Terracotta

A little bit more expensive than concrete/ cement tiles but this is my favourite. Remembering the fact that it’s highly durable with little or even no maintenance at all, breathable subject and eco friendly, just who wouldn't go for it?  It's very nice to look at too with all the different shapes and colour. Again, choose a lighter colour to make it cooler inside! White flat tile is said to be the most effective in reflecting the sun (up to 77%).

Plana Luna

4)       Metal roofing

This one is very popular in Australia right now. Less reflective than clay tiles (said to be around 66% compared to white tiles) but can be really hot as well in the day time if no proper insulation is installed. One advantage is it cools down faster at night time which means it doesn't store the heat as long as other material. I guess that’s what makes this material is used by many people?


So… what do you think? Have you chosen the perfect material for your roof?

Or you’re think of changing it to cope with the angry summer??

If you asked me, I’d go with the clay tiles. As a matter of personal opinion, clay tiles give me pretty much everything. From protection to aesthetic appeal, clay works the best for me. I’m not saying that other material is no good but after taking all aspects into consideration, I’d be willing to pay more to get more satisfaction.

Quality comes with a price, right? ;)

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