"Because Clay Is As Beautiful To Look As They Are To Live With"

No, we're not gonna talk about pottery but instead, the clay.

Clay as a building material has been used by indigenous people back in the pre-history until now. It is said to be the world’s oldest building material. It was the #1 choice when it comes to building.

Back in the days, it was the most broadly used material in construction as it renowned as the healthiest, most sustainable material compared to others. Durability and health benefits were the things that people looked for. Unfortunately, its popularity began to fade when modern construction materials like concrete introduced.

It was temporarily forgotten.


Luckily, today, with all the ecology issue that “modern materials” have caused, and with human health’s affair that’s becoming more expensive, people start to seek alternatives—a healthier product. Clay is once again becoming a popular choice, followed by a whole new generation of clay enthusiasts.

Up to this, maybe you’ve been wondering what is it with clay that makes it sound so amazing. Just hold on, because I’m about to share a couple facts that’ll make you go “wow”.

  • Fact #1  Did you know that clay is a living, breathing material?

Yes, it may not sound right but it’s scientifically proven! When breathing, clay material actually improves air quality very efficiently. It absorbs and releases humidity quite quickly thus a healthy room climate is achieved. If you’ve been reading our earlier posts, this is just one of the ways to improve the air quality you breathe.

  • Fact #2  Did you know clay as a building material can help you avoid sickness?

According to our source, clay’s ability to regulate moisture may prevent the drying out of mucous membranes and reduce the build-up of fine dust. As a result, sickness like colds, allergies or respiratory problems can be prevented.

  • Fact #3  Clay is a natural air purifier

As I said, it’s one of its attributes to be a breathable material. Additionally to Fact #1, clay is also proven to reduce bad odour and to absorb toxins dissolved in water vapor from the air. Furthermore, it stores the heat in winter and coolness in summer.

  • Fact #4   Clay is an environmentally friendly material – Isn’t it obvious?

Did I say design does matter? Yes it does. When you design and build your house with clay, you can achieve much more energy savings. Say with natural heating and cooling attribute, how many dollars can you save with it? Besides, it takes only about 1% energy needed for making concrete to process and use clay, according to our sources.

  • Fact#5  Clay can save you much, much building & maintenance cost

Clay houses can save you as much as 50% as traditional houses in upfront cost. On top of that, there’s barely any significant cost for maintenance. If you think about it, clay won’t rust, peel, twist, or get eaten by termites. And if you accidentally lit a fire that would burn a normal house, guess what, it won’t happen in this case since it’s naturally fireproof. See? It’s a (almost) zero maintenance house!

..........Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can build the entire house with clay?


Well, despite the fact that clay houses are making a comeback, I’m also aware that it’s difficult to make it happen unless we live in area like say Central or South America. Good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you the entire building to get these benefits. You can apply it to your house by using floor clay tiling, clay plaster for your wall or other parts of your home. Terracotta roof perhaps?

Remember clay is as beautiful to look as they are to live with. It contributes to the visual excitement of the house’s total look and nearly invincible to most weather conditions. And if you asked me, I’m more than just happy with a healthy, low cost, free hazard home.

*taken from many sources*

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