Breathe In, Breathe Out......

While we are too busy asking if we eat healthily, we mostly forgot to ask if we breathe healthily. As one thing that we all do in every second of our lives, many people have very little attention on how they breathe. Our lungs and heart deserve a long, deep breath after a stressful moment –work, for example,  aren’t they? To manage stress, this process is very important.

If you want to breathe healthily... let me tell you, air quality is the key. And I’ll share some of the things essential to your health.


1)       Have you maintained a healthy home?

Firstly, did you realize that on average, we spent most of our times inside our home? Exactly. If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, starts from home. If your home is healthy, congratulations! A healthy home is a source of healthy air. But if you’re not sure, keep on reading because increasing the air quality inside your home is on your priority list.

2)       Is there any hazardous material in your home?

Take a note on this. Be careful of lead and asbestos that may still be in your house. They are on the top list of hazardous material for households especially we you breathe it. Houses built prior to 80’s normally have this in either the paint, or roof sheets, or even the old pipes. If that’s your case, it’s time for an inspection!

3)       Hygiene products

Another thing to pollute your indoor air is chemicals. Our cleaning products, deodorant, and many other beauty products, for example, contain numerous chemicals that can affect the air quality that you breathe in. It may seem quite hard to avoid this one but organic products do make a difference.

4)       Green plants

If avoiding chemicals is really, really hard try to have some plants inside your home. Plants are the cheapest, most natural way of purifying the air inside the house. If you can afford a fancy, expensive air purifier sold out there it’s good but then you’ll consume more energy. As for us, having green plants inside seem to be the best way.

5)       Ventilation & windows

Ventilation is one most important thing you need to have enough. It is essential for the air circulation so polluted air won’t be stuck inside. Make sure to have your windows wide open to make your house more breathable.