Design does matter.



In this era, beautifully designed, durable homes can be quite deceiving. Not for home builders or designers but for home owners.

It must be everyone’s dream to have a stylish luxury home yet only a few realize that it means nothing if it’s not healthy. Now the paradox of modern lifestyle is that, everyone is too busy trying to make up your perfect life: designing super luxury building with super advanced technology but less concern to your health.




For example, as quoted from

  • “Modern heating and cooling systems – they promise us temperature-perfect rooms, yet colds and allergies plague us"
  •  "Chemical additives permit more durable paints, fabrics, wood, and construction materials, yet they fill the air with toxic fumes"
  •   "Mass-produced synthetics and composite construction materials appear to save money, yet their ingredients trouble us with ailments ranging from mild headaches to severe depression”


Ironic, isn’t it? They are meant to promote our well being but the truth is they’re kind of not. So don’t be so tempted by a luxurious home design just yet. They sell the idea but you are the one who will actually live in there. If you’re planning to live there for the rest of your life (or, mostly) you will need more than just a mansion. You will need a safe haven.

Try to get involved in the designing process as much as you can. Seek advice on how to build sustainably because it’s for your  own good. Not theirs. Remember healthy isn’t just for your body. It’s also for your psych and your soul.


Few tips on building a healthier home:

  • Choice of building material – clay, straw, earth, and timber are said to be the most energy efficient yet sustainable material to build your safe haven
  • Solar powered and natural cooling system is a good substitute to modern comforts brought by technology. Not exactly alike, but close enough.
  • Good air circulation – make sure to have a lot of ventilation and windows installed to make your home more breathable. If it’s designed well, not only you’ll have a healthy home but also it’ll stand out in the neighborhood! Orientation helps too. Right orientation will encourage breezes to draw the fresh air comes in.



“LOHAS Australia is committed in promoting sustainable home and living for Australian households”