Do you feel your home, “home”?


Whether traveling far or merely getting back from work and everyday routines, home would be the one and only place people will go back to. Now, how do you feel when you get home? More relaxed? Or more headaches?

If you don’t always feel relaxed when you are home, something is definitely wrong.

You may be aware that symptoms like headache and tiredness are caused by the environment but how many of you have thought that it’s the house that cause you those symptoms? Yes. The house. It literally affects us especially our health.

Your headaches, tiredness and even more serious sickness like asthma are often caused by poor air quality inside your home. If you’ve been wondering why you feel even more tired if you are home, this may be the reason.

When people spend most of their time inside the house, the idea is that home is “safe, healthy and free of risks”. But does it really work like that? No... not really. In fact, the quality of our home depends on us and the way we live.The way we treat our house, the way of life we chose and even the material used in the building and households products, all take part in the healthiness of our home and eventually our own health.

Now we need to start thinking about it. How healthy is our homes?


Only you know.

Remember that health begins at home.

Sure we all want to live and have our kids grown up in a healthy home, but how much attention have we given to our home? Have we put enough effort to make our home feels more like “home”?

If our home is not healthy enough to be our shelter, how can we feel safe living inside of it?

How can we feel our home, “home” ?

It's time to wake up and act more sustainably!