"Facade... Sounds Familiar?"

Hello! It's mid December already, wooo! Can't believe we're almost done with 2013.. Sad but hey aren't we all excited for upcoming Christmas and New Year? :D :D Okay but before that I'd need to do couple more posts for this blog and today is all about architecture stuff. Hmm. Architecture is really something, isn't it? From centuries ago it has evolved so many times that we all now have very sophisticated buildings all over the world. In here, we have Sydney Opera House to English styled cathedral, all with different styles and their own aesthetic appeals. Every single part of architecture design, whether the material or the design, gives a unique touch to the actual building as a whole.


Now.. have you heard about facade?

If you truly are an architecture enthusiast, you must know or at least heard about it. If not, don't worry because I heard it just a couple weeks ago myself ;)

So. Facade is the focus for this week.

Basically,  facade is one exterior side (front) of a building. Facade is one of the most important aspects of a building due to its ability to affect energy efficiency of a building in general. There's a lot of materials that can be used to build a facade. Amongst all materials out there the most common ones including tiles, concrete, and terracotta.So if you're staring at one magnificent building with superior front design, you're probably looking at this facade.

Here's some of terracotta facade that have been constructed.


You know what's so interesting? Apparently these days, roof tiles can also be used for facade. Hmm can you imagine? To be honest I couldn't. I thought it was a joke.

But guess what. It wasn't a joke. It's a real thing and some people have used it to build this facade or even the whole wall. With what? Yes you heard it right. Roof- tiles.

Of course, not just any roof tiles you can apply to build it. A very high-end product, very smooth finishes and of course, absolute geometry accuracy are essentials to be able to do this. Also, profile of the tiles needs to be the flat one, so it can cover up the surface and thus serve as a facade.

Check out these pictures below to have some ideas about what I'm talking about :)

These photos were taken in Spain, in some of our projects building a facade with roof tiles. It may look quirky but somehow unique.. Well at least in my opinion ;) what do you think?


In those pictures, LOHAS Logica Plana is used. Why? Because its perfect finish and absolute geometric accuracy can only do the job!!! :D :D

Logica PLana

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