Going green? Yes it’s scary.


How many of us agreed that the word “sustainability” or “green living” can be very frightening sometimes? In my own experience, the thought of going green, where do we start, when is the right time, initial cost to begin with, all turn out to a doubt that’s holding me back from one little step called “a change”. This was then followed by a speculation where I asked myself, “If I start to care about living sustainably..  so what? It’s not like my little action will make a difference to the world, isn’t it? So why would I bother?”

It’s obvious that compensating our mother earth is one true purpose for this. But for some of us sometimes it’s just not enough motivation.

There’s actually one big reason of why this has been a trending topic for the past couple years.  Even these days, businesses are trying so hard to associate their brands with this and not only have few of them had some projects to support the cause. Why? This is simply because living sustainably does make a better living both for the environment and eventually, for us and our future generation. Apparently, it's not motivating enough (at least for me).

So I’ve been told an advice that did change my state of mind.

"Think Locally, Act Globally"


This may sound quite bizarre compared to the well-known slogan "Think Globally, Act Locally". But in my personal opinion, the second option makes more sense. For average person like me, it is very hard to care about the world when I have a pretty complicated life to deal with. Indeed, like it or not my personal interest always comes first.

So one told me instead of thinking on how our action will contribute to the world so big, just imagine how it will bring benefits to us, how it will make a better living for us and our family. And it’s true. I saw a bigger picture on how sooner or later living sustainably will benefit my well-being. And the best thing is, without even realizing it, we do contribute to the world's conservation -you see.. our act does go global!

Now it doesn't sound so scary anymore.

I would start living a better lifestyle because I know I'm doing it for me. I will not hesitate to spend some more dollars to buy organic products because I know it's the best for me and my family. And even though I don't have the biggest reason to start with isn't it pretty much the same thing?

Some of the benefits we can receive by living sustainably:

1)  Save money

Sustainable products are meant to reduce energy consumption. If we consume less energy… voila! Less bills to pay it is!

2)  Detox

Eating clean and using organic products will automatically improve our well-being and also our family. Who doesn’t want to be healthy?

3)  Improved quality of life

Young people say “YOLO”. Yes, you only live once. So don’t waste it. Acting more responsibly will definitely bring you and your future generation more happiness in life.

4)  Your own self esteem

Don’t you feel good about yourself if your action finally means something to the world, or least, people surround you?

“LOHAS Australia is committed in promoting sustainable home and living for Australian households”