Hanok: A Classic Beauty

Well, you might be wondering why do I have a picture of Asian-style house on the left hand side. Right, today I'm writing just about that! Don't you like something different? :D

It all started ages ago when the founder of this company started the business. Originated in South Korea, our head office specialises in manufacturing the traditional Korean roof tiles. It may look similar to other Asian style roof but these tiles, interestingly, are different from regular tiles we have in most western countries like Australia. The way they are laid, the weight and the shapes are totally different that make the building as a whole (Hanok, how they call it) a classic beauty.


Traditional Korean house has distinctive features including its natural cooling and heating system. And if you look closely at Korea's roofs, almost all are in shapes of curved lines and surfaces.

The curves of the roof shows the originality of Korean architecture. And it is said that each of these curves consist up 7 layers that makes the roof very strong yet heavy. The beams for the structure are hence need to be super strong to uplift the weight of the roof

Interesting, isn't it!!??

(PS: I heard they don't put even a single screw between the joints too! if it's true, very amazing!)

The most important feature of this house is it's totally eco-friendly, thus it is safe for people of all ages to live in.

Hmm, no wonder it's normal for them to reach 90 years old in one life :/

Nevertheless, beside their healthy kind of lifestyle, now you know their other secrets of maintaining a long life don't you? Because health starts from your home, and healthy life means live longer! We should too! :)

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