"Home is where the heart is"

  Have you heard this old saying before? Sure you did. It has a very broad definition and meaning towards every different person but to make this consistent to what we have so far, I'd like to relate it to its literal meaning.


Basically, we all want our home to be uniquely comfy to ourselves, because it's where we want to source our happiness from. To have this, of course we need to feel great when we come home everyday, back from our routines outside the house. Now the thing we need to work on is, how do we feel great about coming home?

Hmm.. it sounds like a tricky question. We sure have a lot of things to feel good about, but when it comes to something like this I bet we all wonder where should we start??

For me, decorating is always on top of my list.

Whether to rearrange the furniture or simply just to take off posters we no longer have interest in, they all counted as decorating. No need to think much, because small things like this can bring happiness when you do it right. It's like.. giving a little bit more of a "you" touch. Make things organised and personalised. That's it! That's what it takes to feel great about coming home! :D :D

Now what are things you need to consider to do it right? I have some tips to upgrade your home to be more "you" :)

1) New flooring


Upgrading your floor might feel like you're upgrading the entire house to new lifespan. Why? Because once you step in the front door this is the first thing you're going to look at. There's number of options to upgrade your floor. From laminated boards, tiles, timber floor to bamboo, everything has its own appeal. My source suggests to install oak flooring if you are keen for durability and style. Just make sure to choose the sustainable material so you won't have to worry about anything!

2) Repainting


Painting has always been a fun thing to do. You can involve the whole family and even a little colours in the corner can add a new touch to your house. Here's some guidance on how pick a colour that suits you most!

  • Pink, red, orange, coral, purples are suitable when you are working with issues around decisiveness, assertiveness, motivation and passion
  • When you being and feeling more grounded in your life and getting organized, choose a colour that represents the earth like gold, yellows, medium brown, terracotta and earth tones. Gold is considered the happiest color on the planet!
  • Choose metal colors  (white and pastel) when you are working on mental clarity such as focusing on a new project at work, studying a new subject or feel the need to lighten up and develop your child-like qualities or you are working with children.
  • When you are working on developing your spirituality, practicing mindfulness, connecting to intuition and learning how to tune into the synchronicity of the universe, black, dark gray, dark and navy blue, dark green, deep purple and Indigo works the best!
  • Choose medium green and medium blue, or turquoise if you want to enhance personal growth, growing or expanding your business, planting the seeds for a new project or working with health or family issues.

(source: Care2.com)

Be sure to pick carefully because when you choose your colour right, not only it will bring more happiness it will also empower your everyday life! :D :D

3) Mirror


Mirror is one thing that can trick the needs of larger house. Put it in the right place with the right size, and you should be able to allow  extra light into the room and can even make it seem much larger. PS: It helps you to check your hair and make up at anytime too! ;)

See? Changes doesn't have to be big at one time!

Are you ready to be happier in your own house? :)

LOHAS Australia is committed in promoting sustainable home and living for Australian households”