LOHAS Australia is going places!

Hi ya LOHAS people! It’s been ages since the last post we had, hasn’t it? We are terribly sorry that we haven’t been able to write in a while ☹ BUT, since it is the first post we have after what seems to be centuries, I will briefly give you a heads up what we have been doing and what we have in store for the near future.


We have travelled far during the past year and this means LOHAS is now everywhere.

We have informed on how the world is doing.

We have gained opportunities to speak with many people in different parts of the world

In other words,

We can now connect the people worldwide.


We expanded our geographic area, reaching out to individuals not only in Australia but also other countries abroad

We’ve added some more product lines to the existing family

And we’ve even recreated our logo to represent our philosophy better!

LOHAS logo

Isn’t it awesome?? I personally love the new logo so much! ☺ It features one of our favorite curvy roof tiles with green leaves in an indication to our consistent care about the environment   

And to connect people and to connect with them, we have taken our online presence to the next level. Whoo!! :)

Be excited for an upcoming blitz in our social media presence.

Of course, we will continue to do the usual Facebook (Lohas Australia), Twitter (@lohasau), but things get more exciting with the addition of:

  1. Instagram: lohas_australia  

instagram acc

Here we are going to share with you guys moments we have captured of basically everything that we feel like delivering, such as things we make, things we do, things we see and things we like to see people doing

   2. Pinterest: Lohas_Australia

pinterest acc

Here you will find us more active in bringing you all inspiration not only from what we are doing but also from what we see all over the world. We have created different boards to allow us communicate and deliver value to our followers

Don’t forget to check us out and give feedback! :)

Last but not least, we believe we have lots of ideas in regards to improving health, sustainability, design, architecture and much more. And what we really want to do is we like to share our ideas with all of you and we’d like to hear what you guys think. We also encourage every reader to please share their ideas with us if they like. Ideas fade if we do not discuss them

Stay tuned for our next blog, one of our colleagues will be writing about his business trip to Korea where he was a representative of our company   :) 

We mentioned that we have travelled the world! ;)