"LOHAS - TC URALITA Group seminar #1"

Hello! It's Thursday again and time for blogging! I don't know since when I'm really into this stuff but things getting more exciting, right? :D :D Today I wouldn't talk about random stuff I found on the net. Rather, I'd like to highlight one of our activities last week that drove us a little bit crazy. Only a little bit.

So, you know that our company is a roofing company. All our products are brought here to Australia directly from Spain and Portugal from this company called Tejas Cobert URALITA. Short story, one of their reps visited our office last week and gave us training about the company and also the products. Note that this company is HUGE and it was our honour to have him here in our office.


Basically, the seminar consist of an in-depth explanation about our products including: 1) roof tiles 2) roofing components (wakaflex, flashing roll plus, easy form, figaroll plus-for dry ridge capping) 3) Dry capping system for quicker, stronger ridge capping installation - if you don't know what it is, check our post 2 weeks ago! ;)

We invited a couple of our trusted partners, roof tilers and it was quite a success, actually :) So here's some of the pictures from last week's event :) ;)


1st session. Mr Fernando from Tejas Cobert was giving brief explanation about the group and product. Everybody seemed paying attention :D


One of the participants was looking at how our dry capping works.


Now testing if it really is waterproof. He seemed pretty happy, didn't he?

Camera 360

And the best part. FOODS!!!!! :D :D :D