"My Home Is What I Am"

Are you planning to build your first house ever? Hold on tight, because building is waaay more difficult than buying your first house. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't. Aside from all the headaches you are prepared to face (sorry I don't mean to scare you but it kinda is! :D ) the idea is unlimited. You can have the number of bedrooms you need, you can pick the best materials to use according to your preference, and you can have any kind of space you need. A walk-in-closet perhaps? Simply put, you can do whatever you want.


Now. People usually miss out this one thing: Your dream house is not always about physical look.


Okay, physical look is vital but think about it.

It's your dream house. It should caters all your necessities but please, not too much.

For example, it may be tempting to have 5 - 6 bed rooms in your new house, 3 bathrooms in 2 story-house with basements, with a swimming pool and pergola at the backyard. Sounds gorgeous? Not really.

You need to consider things like what kind of lifestyle you'll be living after you stepped foot in the house.

If you're one of those people who's lucky enough to enjoy a luxury life, do it. But if you're just normal people with more budget than us in average, think twice. Who's going to look after your house? While you're busy making money every single day you'll be spending a lot more on hiring a cleaner, gardener, safety system, etc. Simply because you would not have time to do all the house work and of course your super luxury house can attract a thief! In this case, a smaller yet nice house sounds better to me.

small modern homes exterior views. (4)

This is only one of the examples.

The purpose of today's read is that, we want you to build smart. We want you to realise that there are other things to consider other that those relating to physical appeal such as:

1) Family size

How big your family is/ is gonna be. How many rooms are necessary? Would you have any relatives who'll come over?

2) Lifestyle

Are you one of those people who concern about the environment? If yes, avoid choosing a product that is harmful for you to live in. It wouldn't be funny if you're shopping and eating green but your house isn't green at all. Your house should match your personality.

3) How long are you planning to live there?

Is it as long as you live? If yes, 1 story house may be your dream house. Not only it requires less maintenance, stairs wouldn't be so friendly in your older days.

4) Builder's reputation.

This is very important. Ask for recommendations. You don't want to waste tens of grands on crap jobs, trust me.

5) Your partner

Talk to your partner. Remember it's not only your dream house but also hers/his! If you like paintings a lot and he/ she is not, you might need a little additional space to keep all that! Discuss how would you make this project as a dream house for both of you, not you alone!


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