New way of travel ! 1/2

So this colleague of ours gets sent to Korea (lucky him eh?) :) on a few business missions related to work and here is what he likes to share with everyone..
“I have travelled to 10 different countries (including Korea in 2012) and I always came back home a different person. This time, however, the story is different!”
Travel is a way of life. You get to explore things and meet new people and see how others are living .. but then he continues:  
“This time I have learned to see and be curious about how things are made… like made from scratch! I have learned to look into details of things surrounding me. Please look around you for a second.. (have you looked? ;) )  Everything you see was made of something or maybe multiple things. Every final product, for example, was originally parts and components until it is combined to make the final touch”
“Every time I traveled, I would always be impressed by new things, items, products and services. I was looking at things as a whole, and not the parts which actually make the whole. Everything I liked I rarely asked myself: wow, how was this made or how did they make it?”
It is very important to see the details and how a whole thing is formed..
“Everything has gone through a long process to be made and to be given the final touch. I was scheduled to visit a roof tile factory in Korea, and the process of making roof tiles, for example, starts with soil which gets sprayed with water and then mixed. Then it is compressed into a machine and then cut into parts to make the edges of tiles. After that it gets dried in a 50-degree room for some time. After that the tiles get baked in an oven of over a 1,000-degree temperature. And finally they are wrapped and delivered by see or land to you while you are reading this blog. Isn’t this amazing?“ :)
“Pretty much everything around us is made of something and comes from somewhere. As I mentioned that I had been to Korea before and was impressed by the big picture of things, but can you imagine how more impressed now that I was looking into the details of things? It felt like I had been missing out on so many things .. but I am glad I have woken up to realising how small details are too important to not see! :) ”
Stay tuned for part 2 to discover the unlimited possibilities we can do with understanding details :)