New way of travel !! 2/2

Last week we talked about how important knowing about details is and this week we will tell you about one big advantage of what you can do with details.. :)

What can we really do with knowing details?

Think for a moment about this question dear reader..


Knowing the details of things makes you think differently, makes you see the unseen. You start thinking.. I can maybe combine two ideas and come up with one bigger idea which has more value. How? I will explain this from a business perspective just to give an example..


The 2 in 1 concept

We all know the concept of 2 in 1 but not so many of us actually apply it. Understanding details helps you generate new ideas all the time. For instance, when you know the original components of product A and product B, you start thinking.. what if I combine few components/features of the two products and maybe I can come up with a brand-new product with more features and value? Or maybe I can introduce a product no one else has ever thought about. Hard to believe? Trust me, business ideas will be popping in your head even in your sleep.. :)


The world around us is advancing very quick, do we know why? I think it is simply because somebody somewhere thought of combining the features of two products and delivering them together in one piece then introduced it as a new product with much more value and convenience. Take smart phone as an example, about 8 years ago many of us would be carrying a cell phone, a camera, a notebook, a pen, and a CD player. Now, most of us carry one device (the smart phone) which has all the mentioned features and it is very simple and handy.. :)


I tried to explain my idea from a business perspective but it can be applied on almost anything.. ideas on design, art, technology and basically any field where we can improve our life and the way we live.. :)

I urge you dear reader to be proactive and work out that brain and to not sit still, the world needs your creativity and contribution to better living. Where shall you start? Travelling could be a great start.. :)