"Recycle Me Pretty"

Since you've read the title and the image.. don't close your browser  just yet. I promise I will not lecture you about how we need to do "recycling" so desperately.  

You sure have heard the famous “reduce, reuse, and recycle” slogan. You’ve seen it very often in our life, right? In grocery stores, on the street, on the net, on Facebook, everywhere. That’s right…. It’s like one of the very basic bottom line of living sustainable. Now that you know more about us, of course we would like to talk more about it.


Actually, I’d like to write more about the recycling part. Why? Because as an industry who operates in construction industry we are fully aware that we produce a lot of wastes. Cardboards and pallets are on the top of our list and we NEED to do something about it. I’m pretty sure others experience the same problem.

In case you didn't know already, recycling means that we are extending a product’s life. Instead of stacking them up in our rubbish bin, people like us would consider using them for something else. Well, I promise I would not write much about this so I will just tell you about the interesting part.

See how pallets & cardboards are our biggest waste? I found these stuff on the net while I was browsing and I think it’s brilliant! Not so much with the cardboards but for the pallets, I think you can recycle it to almost anything! I’m very impressed! You know, I used to think that we can’t do much with wastes.. First, it’s confusing and second, I was pretty sure finished products end up garbage anyway because they look ugly.

But I was wrong. They aren’t always like that. With a little bit of effort they turned out to be a pretty cute stuff! You don’t believe me? Check it out yourselves!  :)


Bookshelf made of cardboards


They made a laptop bag out of cardboard too.. looks cool hey?


When the lights on it is simply gorgeous


Shoe rack! Women sure need one!


Very colourful and creative! Toddlers would love it!


Not bad... not bad really..


Very pretty.. my mom would love it so much


What do you think about this one? Don't look like recycle product at all! Very pretty and stylish!


Could've been better if they painted it and made the surface clean but still an inspiration!


 ...And of course it would be very useful for gardening!

Very impressive aren't they? See? Recycling doesn't hurt! ;)