"Recycle Me Pretty #2"

Remember my earlier post about recycling pallets? Yep. It was that post with the same title as this one.

Just as much as I like the idea to recycle pallets, many of my readers loved it too! I received a lot of feedbacks on the blog itself, twitter, facebook and even LinkedIn. Hence, I've come up with an idea of  presenting a sequence of it; part 2! ;)

It's better to put it on use rather than leaving them untouched and wasteful, correct?

Hope this can inspire you more and enjoy! Because pallets can never go wrong! :D


Chill out space somewhere in the universe. Too bad my source didn't tell where the exact location was :(


Never thought  a pallet can look this pretty, hey?


I seriously don't mind having a bedroom like this...


Oh look at that! Would be nice for an office to have a reception desk like this. Or an open bar, maybe?


Another pallet bed... and a little bit of creativity! ;)

“LOHAS Australia is committed to promoting sustainable home and living for Australian households”

*taken from many sources