"Revive with LOHAS"

It's been raining all week! Loving or loathing it much? You decide. But for some people, this kind of weather restricts them from doing activities so.. I fully understand if some people hate it :D For those who can't work during wet weather, what sort of things you do? It is illegal for tradie people to do their job in rain, isn't it? Do you stay at home? Go to the gym? Doing some groceries? Or do you do nothing?

You know what, why don't you use this time to recover your inner self? You've been doing all the hard work all week, sore body after outside jobs, stressing with deadlines and payment, having headaches every single day.. so much you have done!


Hence, at times like this it is a good chance for you to do something for yourself. Well, you can get lazy by sleeping all day but it brings no benefit,  to be honest. There are more things you can do that doesn't require much amount of energy yet can enhance you personal wellness and i'll tell you what.

One fundamental thing to remember: Calm mind heals your body

According to research, there's powerful connection between your mind and body. You've worked out so much when you lift heavy materials, drove miles to get to the sites etc that give fatigue to your body. There's nothing you can do really to recover this unless you have a good rest and big good meal.


Did you know that mind has power to control your body? Meaning when you are stressing over something you'll feel more tired and worse, it can bring sickness to your body. That's why the focus of today's blog is to tell you how to recover your mind, i.e.  your inner self.

1. Take a deep breath and relax

Some people would call this meditation. When you are relaxed, tension melt from the muscles and all worries gradually vanish. Further, it is said on my source that deep relaxation can increase immunity, lowers blood pressure and emotional balance can be achieved. That's how good deep relaxation is for you. Of course when you manage to do this, you'll experience less stress and you'll live  a healthy life.


2. Forget the world for one second and don't worry about worrying

Bad moods and stress are parts of our lives that cannot be separated. When you find it hard to control your emotions, then don't. Change your  focus to something that brings joy to you. Read books, walk on the beach, go for a run, or anything that can drive your mind from all your problems and stress. My favourite one is getting a hug from my beloved ones! :)

3. Feed you brain with positivity

We human can be mad and upset so easily by simply anything. When you have spare times, turn off the television and put away the newspaper. Instead, read books with affirmation, listen to calm or upbeat music and ask your friends to tell you a joke or funny stories . Come on, you need a refreshment in your mind. I promise these stuff will boost up your mood and heals your soul

4. Exercise

Do you exercise often? If not, you better start doing it. Exercise will keep your body healthy and strong, and also boost your immune system. I know the hardest part is to motivate yourself and actually do it.. but hey! You'll be amazed on how you'll feel!


5. Sleep good

Did you know it's important for you to have 7-8 hours a day? Make your bedroom a very relaxing place and avoid things that would interfere you sleep, like drinking alcohol before bed. Sleep is body's natural defense to sickness so it is vital for you to have a good sleep to achieve wellness for your body and mind.


Believe me, doing all these stuff each and every day can make a huge, positive difference to your life.

As results.. less stress, healthier mind, happier life and voila! You are fully revived! :D :D :)

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