"Taking Roof Flashing To A Whole New Level"

Being in a construction industry means you'll need to know every single thing about building, including Flashing. Do you know what flashing is? Flashing is the process used to seal and protect joints in a building for waterproofing purpose. When the joints are sealed completely, your property will be resistant to water damage. So if it's the other way around, you might have some problem with the flashing.  


See those two pictures?

The metal used to seal the joints at the top image is called lead-sheet. This material is very common to be used in roof. But  due to safety and healthy reason, people started seeking for alternatives.

Lead is considered harmful thus it's best for us to be as far as we can. That's why many businesses are offering lead removal service for people living in an old house.

Now, there's something different in the second image.

Instead of the metal thing we see in the first image, the second image uses some sort of flexible tape to seal the joints. Which one looks better and stronger? The second one, isn't it?

The second image is a new, innovative way of flashing used in modern construction.

This material is known as WAKAFLEX


Comes in various colours...


Why is this a brilliant product you should consider?

First. It's Lead-free. It's specially designed and manufactured in Germany to replace lead in all roof applications. This alternative is way safer than using lead, it's the most trusted and is the most popular flashing solution throughout the world.

Second. It's flexible and so easy to use. Compared to lead, WAKAFLEX is lighter and easy to mend according to roof profiles or joints. It can be fitted to new builds or simply in roof repairs. No additional tools is needed in installing this that makes it way quicker to install (up to 50% quicker). Hmm.. no wonder roof tilers and builders love it hey? :)

Third. It's a product made and designed with high quality standard, thus it has very strong bond and won't expand in the heat. Isn't it brilliant?

This is why we say roof flashing is at the whole new level.

This a BIG revolution to building and construction industry since it works perfectly on the roof yet bring no harm to the environment.

Here's some of the pictures on how are they installed on the roof:



Dimension:  0.28 x 5 m

Weight : 5.3 kg


-Resistant to weather, temperature & wind

-Highly durable

-Variety of colours

-Quick & easy installation

-High elasticity

-Lead-free solution

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