Spring Cleanings… Try Green #2

Dear readers, As finally this rainy winter seems to give space to the spring, it’s time for some spring cleanings and house living tips!

Last year I gave you some green advices about how to clean your house in a green way: now I am going to give you some advises more about small actions that tend not to be taken in consideration, but could change a lot the quality of your living J!

  1. 1.    Open the windows: changing the air is a good habit that should be applied every day… did you know that the indoor air is 2 to 5 times worst than the outdoor air? And this is not all! Those seemingly harmless dust bunnies may contain airborne toxins that can aggravate respiratory problems, as can many of the products we clean with, says Barbara MacKinnon, president and CEO of the New Brunswick Lung Association and vice-chair of environmental issues for the Canadian Lung Association. And disease-causing bacteria and germs multiply rapidly on everything -- door handles, chopping boards, you name it.

Pick this good habit: change the air every morning when you wake up! Ten minutes are enough, just the time you spend to get ready, and the quality of your indoor living will improve a lot!

It is really important to change the air most of all in cold days, when outside the air is fresh while inside is a bit moldy because of the different temperature…so, don’t be lazy when outside is raining :)!


2.    Flip your mattress and change your pillow: not all mattresses are reversible, but for those that are, switch it during winter/summer season, and if possible use a mite proof mattress cover. Vacuum the mattress and wash all the liners in warm water.

Your pillow as well, should be thrown away every two years: A two-year-old pillow can be composed of up to 10 per cent dust mite feces and carcasses -- yech! You don’t want to really put your face on that :p!


3.    Boil a cup of your favorite herbs in a pot, to spread a good smell in the house, avoiding chemicals