Summer? Keep Calm And Just Chill !

It’s October! Wooo! Can’t believe it’s been about 3 months since we started blogging. I should somehow celebrate this consistency of weekly blogging aren’t I? But this year’s Spring/Summer is horrible. I’m not bothered doing anything like seriously. The weather is just... meh. So bad. For one time it’s scorching like hell and the next day it’s chill like winter. And you know what, it was hailing this morning in Sydney. Climate change much?  

Nevertheless, hot weather is the highlight these days. October wasn’t this hot 3-4 years ago. Not the first time I stepped a foot in Australia. It was such a really nice weather that I said it loudly that Spring was my favourite season. But not anymore. It heated up as soon as the calendar says the 1st of September. No more winter breeze whatsoever. It gets hot so suddenly that we can barely differentiate whether it’s Spring or Summer. If you lived in Australia, you’ll know what I mean.


With global temperature continuing to peak, unfortunately there’s nothing much we can do to change it. All that matters is what can we do to anticipate this extreme weather, particularly on how to keep us cool in the real summer. Would that be turning on the air-con to the lowest degree and keep ourselves inside the office/ house? Possibly. But did you know there’s some better way, more sustainable way to keep our house (and hence, ourselves) comfortably cool?

These tips are originally written in (if you have time, check their website for more cool tips!). According to them, there are many ways to keep your house cool without consuming much energy. If before we’ve shared some tips regarding the design of your house and roof, this one is probably more applicable for people who have their house built already. So until you’re planning to build a new one and move in, these simple & easy tips might help!

1)       Curtains

Close your curtains to prevent the sun rays coming in! When there’s shades in the window frame it’s ok to open up but when there isn’t and the heat is just horrible, close them up to make the temperature cooler. PS: Choosing the light colour might help reflecting it too!


2)       Ventilation

Again, you can never ignore how important ventilation system is (in this case, windows). If everything is done and there’s nothing you can do change it, try to deal with it the smarter way. You don’t have to keep your window open all the time for the sake of your air quality. Well it’s good if you can keep it that way but sometimes we just can’t stand the heat, can we? Keep it wide open when the weather is chill like in the morning or at night otherwise close it!


3)       Seal against cracks

Simply remember this: mind the gaps! If you realized that the cold air can infiltrate the house during winter you should not forget that it works the exact same way in summer. If you feel that your house is terribly hot check again if you have any cracks that allows the heat coming in.


4)       Run appliances at night

This is a new stuff for me, and maybe for you too. Apparently, our household appliances release considerable amounts of heat when it’s on use. So, if it’s a hot summer day and you run all washing machine, electric dryers, computers, and even small lights they all contribute to the heat you feel. Why don’t you run these stuff at night instead when the weather is a little bit more chilled?


5)       Plants

On top of giving you fresher air in every morning, growing up plants can help you to shade thus protecting you from the sunlight :) :) :)


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