"Stay Cool, It's Summer"

It's a very hot day today! Phew.. I went outside to buy lunch just a couple hours ago and my car's indicator hit the number 41. Can't believe it. Anyway, with the summer keeps going on here down under, I'd like to remind you (again) on how to keep ourselves cool inside a building naturally. In a hot day like this I know exactly how you feel. You'd feel like having a bucket of ice cream, lock yourself up in the bathroom, or simply go to a shopping centre just to have some cool air. Very understandable. But you know what, if you're living in a house, there are actually some ways to minimise this  problem; one of them is choosing the right building material. Now you might wanna guess of what I'm going write next. Yes. Roof tile material is one thing to start with.


I can understand if at this stage you never really pay attention towards what is installed above your head. But let me tell you. Your roof contributes to as much as 40% to your house as a whole. Whether in terms of aesthetic appeal or in terms of protection, your roof plays a vital role.

In this super hot summer, clay or terracotta roof tiles has the ability to insulate your house thus keeping it cool in summer. As quoted from our source,

"...Combined with a natural ability to reflect, instead of absorb, heat from the sun, clay tiles can reduce the energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Clay roofs are very common in the American Southwest, where staying cool is in many areas a year-round battle. An additional advantage is that clay tiles allow air to circulate both above and below them, creating an insulating cushion of air between the tiles and the roof deck that further increases the insulating ability of the roof as a whole."

It's true.

Another source even mentioned about some figures to support this argument but I don't think you would be interested :P

So why don't you switch to terracotta??

I hope this post can give you some more idea on how to choose the right product for your own well-being.

High initial cost? Consider this as an investment! ;) ;)

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