The Greeting Cards Project


It is 2014 now and it is probably  the first week we're back to work.

Need more holiday? Hmm. I wish! ;)

You know, during that "most favourite" time of the year, what we all want to do is share some love. We give appreciations to people around us by sending gifts or thank you cards.

Gifts, are fine.

But cards, despite its "function" to show people that we care, can be a little burden when it's too much!


Well, I love getting just any cards from friends, family or colleague (tell me, who doesn't??). Receiving those sweet and honest words from people really warms our hearts, doesn't it? But what happen if we're getting a bunch of cards for the last 20 years of our lives? Would you keep them stacked in your room or would you have them buried around the house? I'd say neither.

There's a better way to solve this dilemma. Yep, recycling it is.

Instead of stacking them up unused or throwing them away, recycling or reusing it sounds 10 times better to me, especially if you love crafts and DIY projects. So here's some of the best ideas I collected from my source to make a better use of Christmas cards!

1) Turn into a new card

There's a reason they have a beautiful image in each card. Do a little bit of cutting here and there, stick into a new card and voila! You have a new card ready to be sent! If it's still far away from the next Christmas, you can always use it as a postcard.


2) Make magnets

Again, with only scissors and glue, you can cut out the image from the cards. This is the best idea if your cards have some sort of animals or characters on it


3) DIY puppets

A simple, brilliant idea that kids will love so much! Similar with making magnets, instead of sticking the character on to the magnet, use  a sticky tack to attach it on a teaspoon or chopstick, or whatever. It's easy and the sticky tack is always removable when you're done.


4) Gift tags

Exactly like how we do with a new card. Only in mini size. Easy? Too easy!


5) Improve plain gift bags

Decorate your plain gift bags with the pictures in the card. So easy and definitely pretty!


Now read on because I'm about to give you the last tip that's probably the most important thing to do before you recycle.

6) Scan or photograph your greeting cards before you turn them into something else.

Fill them by year, or occasion in your hard drive or digital album to keep it handy. This way you wouldn't lose that sentimental feeling even if you recycle or reuse the cards. Because  you have a copy of it! :)


Just remember. Don't trash, recycle! ;) ;) :)

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