"The Happy Home Project"

You've seen the title. I promise today will be nothing about physical or technical or other boring stuff. Instead, I want you to join me to see some facts about home beyond its physical look.

The "Happy Home" Project


That's the focus for today! :)

You might now realised that this page is all about LOHAS (i.e. Lifestyle, home, health, well being, and sustainability).

They all pretty much what we are expert in. I reckon we might be a little bit bias in terms of what we are presenting (since we tend to focus on home and sustainability part...) well, I'd like to make up to that! ;D

So. To increase the quality of life, there's more than just some sort of expensive organic stuff you've seen all day everyday and everywhere. True that organic products will help you enhance your quality of life but the core value of life is happiness.

Happiness comes from within.

In spite of the circumstances, happiness truly is a choice. We tend to think that we need that "one thing" to make us happy. It can be a good home, a cup of tea, ice cream, or a Prada for some others.

Not exactly.

As I said, happiness is a choice.

You really don't need anything to be happy. You just need to learn how to be it.


Likewise, when we talk about home, we always find that one thing that makes us unhappy. No privacy, not enough bathrooms, no walk-in wardrobe, annoying siblings, etc. Now instead of whining, why don't we change focus to ourselves? Happiness can be sourced from everywhere, including ourselves. The way we think, the way we react to problems, the way we manage stress.. when we do it right, trust me we don't really need all those stuff to be happy.

1) Stay positive

This includes not to stay with negative people. I admit it's a little bit hard to avoid negative influence.. but hey why don't you try being the influence? Don't let the negative environment affects you, affect it yourself!

2) Never concerned about other people's business

Compare yourself with others and you'll see holes in your life, and that, will affect your happiness. Why? because you'll never feel you've had enough! When you try to let go of this one you'll feel free and contented. So to keep your mind in peace, it is way easier to mind your own business and do the things that make you happy

3) Never avoid problems

You'll need heaps of courage to stand tall and face your problem. It's true. Running away and avoid problem might sound easier but they don't do any good. It haunts you the the point where you can't have a peace of mind. Give it some times, get yourself together and try look for solutions

4) Don't take things personally

Come on, nobody is perfect. Criticism is a part of our lives yet most of us can't stand it! No matter if it appraisal or a critic, be a bigger person and try to listen. Turn all these into something that can make you better person

5) Forgive and forget

"One can forgive but can never forget.." Have you heard of this expression? This is how hard it is to let go of the past completely once you are hurt. We can always carry our resentment around but would you choose this over your happiness? Forgiveness will make you feel free, I promise. Let go of the past, look into your future with hope and it will make it brighter. Take it as a lesson, not a burden of dudgeon.

6) Never avenge

You may be deeply hurt, but don’t let yourself spoil your future with guilt by taking revenge. It's only a little satisfaction you'll have once you have your revenge. They won't do any good and happy people never try to avenge. Just forgive and move on!


At the end of the day, happy home is not always about looks or physical appeal. It's how we manage to create our own happiness in what we call a "home". That is, living together with the people we love. It's no longer about materiality but more into transcendental aspects in our lives.

We love and we are loved.

We give and we take.

Some people just missed out these 6 things and never feel happy. The concept of happiness is more simple to achieve than how we think it is, yet complicated. Nonetheless, we human are capable to learn and that's how we keep trying to increase the quality of life. I promise, when you manage to do all these you'll find yourself at peace and happy.

And next, once everyone in the house can do the same, your happy home project is completed! :) :)

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