Winter is coming.. warm yourself up!

Winter is here! Get ready for the cold weather! Finally some relief from  the hot summer, but also time of humid weather, cold and cough.. what a nightmare!

Did you know why the humidity makes you feel colder in winter and warmer in summer? It is all about perspiration..

Indeed, during the hot and humid summer, the air is overwhelmed of damp particles, which make more difficult for us to sweat, while in winter, the humidity in the air sticks to our clothes, and we feel even colder!

With all this cold we have to run to the shelters and try to warm up somehow: how can we do it in a “Green way”?

Surely, the first suggestion, is trying to sleep with one blanket more, and turning off the heater during the night: in the morning will be a little bit chilly, but look it this way: it will help you to wake up faster J!

What can we do more to save energy? I have some other suggestions for you:

1.      Switch appliances off at the wall

TV's, DVD players, game consoles and computers still use energy in standby mode, when not in use, switch these appliances off at the wall.

2.      Dishwasher

Use the economy cycle for everyday washing and only run the dishwasher when it's full. This helps save water too.

3.      Lights off, lamps on

If you only need a small amount of light, use lamps instead of main lights.

4.      Use heavy curtains

The heat escapes from your home in winter is from uncovered windows. Heavy, lined curtains will insulate your windows and help keep the warmth in.

5.      Let the sun in

Use solar energy because its free! just simply open your curtains during the day.

6.      Put down a rug

Lay down some rugs through winter because your feet really feel the cold, having something warm under foot makes a huge difference, especially first thing in the morning.

.. Green life= lower energy bill!

Wishing everyone a good first week of winter!