What is Flexbrick?

Flexbrick is a flexible steel mesh in which ceramic pieces are inserted. By combining patterns, shapes, colours and texture, Flexbrick provides you endless design possibilities. Project and create new ways in architecture. 

onda roof tile


This new ceramic textile was devised following the concept of the textile architecture, and a flexible and adaptable material has been developed combining two long-life components: steel and ceramic.

As it became an industrialised system, Flexbrick speeds up the construction process significantly. Furthermore, it is easy to personalised its design and structure, adjusting them to the characteristics and requirements of each project.

Ceramic textiles open a new chapter in construction focused on the industrialisation with ceramic materials. The innovative push of the project is still alive since nowadays some new investigations are in process in order to keep improving the system and also introducing new advantages, such as the possibility to apply other materials in Flexbrick’s sheets like glazed tiles, wood, steel or glass.



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